Demonstration of a Stereo Visual Odometry Algorithm

I’m pleased to share another demonstration video of our stereo visual odometry algorithm, primarily developed by my student Mohamed Aladem who is wrapping up his master’s at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Near term goals for our lab using this framework are: navigating mobile robots (namely an autonomous snowplow for the ION Autonomous Snowplow Competition – see previous post to this one), navigating a multi-copter, and explore solutions for automotive driver assistance systems and future autonomous vehicles.


  • Mohamed Aladem, Samir Rawashdeh, Nathir Rawashdeh, “Evaluation of a Stereo Visual Odometry Algorithm for Road Vehicle Navigation”, SAE World Congress, April 2017 Detroit, MI
  • S. A. Rawashdeh, M. Aladem, “Toward Autonomous Stereo-Vision Control of Micro Aerial Vehicles”, Proceedings of the IEEE National Aerospace and Electronics Conference, July 2016, Dayton, OH
  • Journal article pending.