Winter 2018 – ECE473 Course Projects

Our winter semester at University of Michigan – Dearborn recently concluded. In my ECE473 Embedded System Design course, we work ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers and focus on real-time processing, embedded software architectures, and real-time operating systems.

The following two videos highlight two notable projects from this term:

RTOS System Monitor and Debugging Terminal for uCOS-II

One team developed a debugging terminal for the uCOS-II RTOS. Debugging RTOS projects can be challenging without being able to observe the state of tasks and shared resources. The team put together this video.

BLuE RTOS – Cooperative RTOS for Cortex-M4 (TI Tiva Launchpad, TM4C123)

Another team developed their own cooperative RTOS for the TI TM4C123 Microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M4 core). The team put together this video.