Prospective Students

The website in general highlights various ongoing projects for the lab, and below is a general list of our research interests. There are opportunities for Senior Design teams, graduate students on Directed Study, and student interns to work on synergistic projects related to ongoing activities. Subject to availability of funding, support for highly driven students may be available for part-time employees or graduate research assistants.

Current Research Interests

Wearable Motion Capture and Activity Detection
Wearables are an emerging field of research and expected to become an aspect of everyday life. We are pursuing motion capture wearables for applications in Athletics, Injury Prevention and Patient Monitoring.
Desired Prior Experience: MATLAB, Statistical Analysis and Classification, Kinematics (Quaternions, Euler Angles, state estimation), Embedded Systems (C/C++), Animation, PCB Layout and Fabrication.


Embedded Image Processing: Localization, Obstacle Detection, Navigation, Stereo Vision
Visual approaches, such as stereo vision, can play an important role in future autonomous robots, including unmanned aircraft, mobile ground robots, and road vehicles.
Desired Prior Experience: C and C++, Developer-level Linux, RasberryPi or similar Linux Board, Image Processing, OpenCV, GPU Acceleration, Visual Odometry, Point Cloud Library, PID Control.


Submit your CV

If you are interested in working with the lab, please email your CV along with a message explaining your interest to: rawashdeh -at-