Adverse Weather Dataset

This dataset entails tens of thousands of image sequences of various weather conditions. Most sequences are of dynamic driving excerpts, while some are of static recordings. Various weather conditions include rain, fog, snow, sleet, overcast, sunny, and cloudy. All of these conditions were recorded at various times; morning, afternoon, sunset, and dusk.

The Stereolabs ZED Stereo camera is used. It’s capable of recording 2.2k at 15 fps, as well as various other resolutions and frame rates. We currently run all of the recordings at 720p at 20 Hz. Compared to other public datasets, the resolution and frame rate are high. The camera runs its own lens correction calibration, and that information is provided in a separate document titled “Camera Information”.

The dataset, and other information specific to the dataset, is all in one shared Google Drive folder. This includes, camera information, camera enclosures and mounting, locations and pathways/routes, and a summarization of the information pertaining to the sequences. All of the sequences are in zipped folders.

The dataset is available via Google Drive: (link) 

A publication describing this dataset is currently under review.

Sample images from the dataset are shown below:

Weather and lighting conditions of the collected sequences are listed in the following table: